VL10101.045.02 VL10101.045.02

VL10101.045.02 (2 yds)

€ 20,57
VL10101.033.06 VL10101.033.06

VL10101.033.06 (6 yds)

€ 36,30
VL10101.045.04 VL10101.045.04

VL10101.045.04 (4 yds)

€ 41,14

Uni colours

Vlisco’s range of uni colour fabrics makes for a perfect partner to mix and match with any of our other fabrics. These fabrics come in single original and rich Vlisco colours and are adorned with a golden selvedge for a luxurious touch. The two different all-over effects, shine and matte, allow for the proper combinations. Java fabrics correspond best with a uni colour shine finish and when combining with Wax Hollandais or Super-Wax, opt for the uni colour matte finish.