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Black fabric

Black is a color that exudes a classic and timeless design. It is a color that has withstood the test of time. And there is a good reason why this color stands out as a choice for classic styles – it is revitalizing and bold. has got many types of black african fabric to choose from for your next project. Are you ready to take on black for your next fashion project? You can shop from a wide selection of black color fabric online.

Whether you are looking for a sparkling evening, a classic afternoon or a cheerful morning, Vlisco has a range of black fabrics, allowing you to go for a sophisticated style, a subdued image of a glamorous appearance. Let us introduce you to our black fabric Java Vintage prints, our multi-layered Wax Hollandais overprints and our Dutch Wax Block Prints.

Elegance, strength and maturity

Not many shades carry such deep, entangled meanings as black. Whereas it’s often used as a colour of elegance and mourning, it’s also the colour of rebirth and maturity. Not surprisingly perhaps, black fabrics are associated with rebellion, fierceness and self-confidence. With such a versatile vocabulary, you can hardly go wrong with a black fabric.

To suit the diversity of both your daily needs and special events, Vlisco has developed a range of black fabrics that can be used for a variety of occasions. We have Sky Wax fabrics that feature classic Wax Hollandais designs, finished with a dark overprint colour, giving the fabrics a tonal depth that suits any chic, festive happening. We have Java vintage prints emphasizing a strong but delicate look, refined with ornamental leaves, colourful flowers and gracious ducks. And off course we have black fabrics with the iconic fish scale, or the ever-fierceful horse. Want to get inspired? Take a look at what other cloths designers have done to create these black fabrics into intriguing fashion statements

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