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Black and white

Black and white

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Black and white fabric, sophistication for any moment

Admitted, Vlisco is not as known for its black and white fabrics, as it is for its colourful ‘African’ wax prints. However,  if you are looking for something that combines the maturity of black with the pureness of white, we have a number of options for you.

It’s all in the detail

Some of our wax fabrics, are designed around pictures of pure black and white. Look for instance at the birds in a piece like the ‘Speed bird’, otherwise known as ‘Air Afrique’, ‘Eneke’ or ‘Rich today, poor tomorrow’.  Like many of our fabrics, this wax has many meanings. In Ghana this blue, black and white fabric is used to warm people that money has wings and can fly away, whereas in Togo the pattern is called “Air Afrique” as the fabric was used in the uniform of a local airline company. To others it symbolises asking for a favour, or to say that if the hunters learn to shoot without missing, they have learned to fly without perching.

Near black and white fabrics

Other fabrics may not technically be black and white fabrics, but have a slightly softer tone which distinguishes the pattern as black does, using colours like indigo, dark blue, brown or deep purple. Examples of such graphic fabrics are the Wax Hollandais named ‘advice’ (a.k.a. ‘Conseille’, or ‘Macaroni’) and ‘Table fan’ (a.k.a. ‘Arrow of God’, ‘Deep water’ or ‘Warehouse’). We have a geometrical block print with the types of decorations you may expect in victorian ceilings, but also silver embellished wax prints which add just a bit of spark.

Silver embellished dichromats

Amongst these shiny (near) black and white pieces, we have a silver embellished Sky Wax with deep, darkened shades of purple and blue. This Sky Wax features a classic Wax Hollandais design, finished with a dark overprint colour. The tonal depths in the design create a lively, rich fabric for every chic, festive occasion.

Apart from the SkyWax we also have a silver embellished WaxWax which combines two indigo designs on each side of this WaxWax design, create a whole new pattern. The dark indigo and bright shining details give this bichromatic fabric a nocturnal atmosphere, whereas our party wax featuring gala gloves, top hats and rose flowers, would be appropriate at any celebration.

Get inspired, give inspiration

So, are you ready for a fashion adventure with black and white fabric? Come check our collection at the Vlisco.com shop, or take a look at our inspirational lookbook. Ready? Please let us know what you did with it, and use your creation to inspire others.

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