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Horse print

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Vlisco’s horse fabric, a classic with a statement

Looking for a fabric that signifies strength, wisdom, freedom and pride? You may want to consider a Vlisco horse fabric. Our classic design of the ‘Jumping Horse’ has stolen millions of hearts, and is expected to keep doing so for many years to come.

Why are horses considered ‘nobel’, ‘proud’ and ‘intelligent’ animals, when other animals are not? In many cultures, the horse represents a good balance between wisdom and strength. The human relation with horses is about as old as the human history with gold, as we started trying to domesticate wild horses in central Asia before 3500 BC. Helping people to bridge large distances, to work their lands, to defend their communities and to transport their goods, our four-legged friends have proved to be real allies. Yet, a horse would not be a horse if it was easy to be tamed: like our famous print suggests, a horse may be your strongest ally, but it demands respect. Treat it badly, it will prance, throw you off its back and turn into a fierce threat.

Jumping Horse

Like the many artists who have been honouring horses in their statues and paintings since prehistory, Vlisco has dedicated a number of designs to these close companions. You may recognise our classic design of a rearing horse, known as the ‘Jumping Horse’, ‘Chéval’ or ‘Je cours plus vite que ma rivale’ (‘I run faster than my rival’). Its variety in names reflects its variety in meanings: whereas Nigerian Igbo-women like to use the horse fabric for their annual women’s meeting, ladies in Ivory Coast tend to wear it referring to rivalry between wives.

Whether you are looking for a horse fabric that suggests rivalry, a horse fabric that suggests cooperation or a horse fabric that will one day carry a meaning that you created yourself, you have come to the right place: Vlisco has several horse fabrics, in a high quality Guaranteed Real Dutch Wax Block Print that will not disappoint you.

Coronation cloth

Do you like our horse fabric, but so many others too? Have a look at our collection print known as the ‘One Nation’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Success’ or the ‘K(r)oningsdoek’ (the Kings cloth/ the coronation cloth), featuring a range of Vlisco’s icons, including, the crown, the hand, the lion and the horse.