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Rose gold

Rose gold

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Rose gold fabrics - bright like a diamond, tender like a flower

You may have looked for golden wax fabrics, giving you that feeling of wealth, or for pink fabrics, giving you that feeling of innocence, and mild, feminine powers. Rose gold fabrics combine these qualities, giving you the opportunity to mix the best of both worlds in one wax fabric. At Vlisco, we have found a number of ways of doing that for you: we have rose gold coloured fabrics, we have golden embellished pink fabrics and we have fabrics that offer a bit of both.

Shine like a diamond

For instance, have you seen our rosé-gold embellished Super-Wax with its shiny diamonds, or our Wax Block Print with geometrical lines of alternating flowers, combining the power of nature with that of order and rhythm? We also have a Super Wax that appears to be three dimensional and flowing even while the fabric is tight or flat, creating a sense of magic by using an optical illusion. A similar effect may occur when you look at our rose gold fabric with piles of triangles, allowing to emphasize or attenuate the body shapes of the person who wears your creation.

Hidden secrets of Royalty

For those that are ready to take the stage and disclose what they are worth, we also have a classic golden embellished rose Super-Wax known as the ‘Hidden Secrets of Royalty’. With its crowns, keys and jewelry, this “show-off” Super Wax flirts with the kind of wealth that can open many doors. Perfect for playful and powerful women who are making their mark.

Are you ready for a rose gold fabric? Come check our collection at the Vlisco.com shop, or take a look at our inspirational lookbook. Ready? Please let us know what you did with it, and use your creation to inspire others.

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