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White fabrics, celebrate in style

Do you have something to celebrate? Being the colour of pureness, white has been regarded to be the colour of choice for so many festive occasions. Combining the colour white with flowers, geometrical shapes, top hats and gala gloves, Vlisco has designed a wide range of appropriate white fabrics for you to choose from. Classic white wax prints include the ‘Grotto’, the ‘Hibiscus’ and of course the world famous ‘Angelina’. Yet, if you go through our selection of wax fabrics featuring white, you will find so many more - new white fabrics that are still to be explored. Come join us on our journey and incorporate a white fabric in your next fashion project!

One white fabric, many meanings

Vlisco ‘African’ Wax prints may have been produced in the Netherlands, their names and meaning are often determined by the many African women who sell and wear them. Hence, you may find the same white fabric with two entirely different names and meanings, in different settings. For instance the ‘Grotto’, a Real Dutch Wax Block Print, featuring a nascent flower against a misty night with a full moon. Though generations of Ivorians have been wearing it to signal they are a well-off person who enjoys social recognition, in neighbouring Ghana this fabric is called “Papa Ye Asa”, meaning ”goodness is finished”: no matter what you do for others, they will never be grateful.

Well tested white fabrics and new designs

Apart from white fabrics with classic prints like the ‘Grotto’, the ‘Hibiscus’ (a.k.a. ‘Topizo’, or ‘Tohozin’ - both meaning ‘rush’) and the ‘Angelina’ (a.k.a. ‘Ya Mado’ or ‘Miriam Makeba’), there are still a lot of white wax prints waiting to be named. We have the classic Super Wax with lightning, or the magic Java Wax with its optical illusion. In our shop you will both find designs that have stood the test of time, and new designs that will take your audience by surprise. Check for instance our golden embellished Super-Wax fabric with stylised flowers or our black and white wax with top hats and gala gloves.

We love to see what you do with them: if you have finished your fashion project, please share your work and inspire others!

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