FAQ - Ordering

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1. How can I make an order in the online shop?

Placing an order is simple. Click on SHOP in the main menu and select one of the submenu items. An overview will appear of the articles in the relevant product group. For more information on a specific article (larger picture with zoom, article description and price-always in Euros), please click on the product picture. On the page that opens next you have the option to add the article to your shopping cart. You can always click on the bag in the menu bar to go to your shopping cart. From there, you can start the payment process. The payment process only involves three simple steps:
1.    You can see the total cost of your order in Step 1 by selecting the country in which your order has to be delivered. Subsequently, select the 'place order' button to log on or to create a new, personal Vlisco.com account.

2.    Select your method of payment and shipment in Step 2. You can also change your invoicing or shipment address in this step or glance over your order one more time. You now select your payment method. There are several methods you can choose from: iDeal, Mastercard, VISA, Paypal, ELV, Alipay, Sofort├╝berweisung and Bancontact / Mr. Cash.

3.    Step 3 is a confirmation of your payment, which is final from that moment on. We also send this confirmation to your email address. As soon as your order is sent you will again receive an email containing the invoice and a track & trace code so you can see where your order is.

2. How can I get the TOTAL cost of my order?

In Step 1 (=Shopping Bag) of our easy Checkout process, you can already calculate the total cost of your order. Once you'll select the country of the bill-to-address as well as the delivery method of your choice, you will get the total price of your order. This price will include shipping costs. Depending on the bill-to-address, import duties will be included or excluded.

If the Vlisco.com prices for your country do not include taxes/duties, this does not automatically mean that no taxes/duties are to be paid upon arrival of your order in your country (please check with local customs). Orders are payable in Euro only.

3. How can I follow the status of my order?

Vlisco.com starts processing your order from the moment your payment is received. You will receive a confirmation of your order when your payment is received. Additionally, we will send you a separate email containing the invoice and a track & trace code as soon as your order is shipped.

4. Which countries do you service? Do you service the USA?

In principal, we deliver in all countries. If your country is not included in the list of countries to set a billing/shipping address, please don't hesitate to contact us.

5. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity per order is one 2, 4 or 6 yards piece of Vlisco fabric.

6. Does Vlisco distribute paper catalogues/cloth samples?

Vlisco concentrates on offering you a large and frequently changing selection of fabrics -available from stock - through the online shop at Vlisco.com. We do not distribute paper catalogues/swatches.

7. Do I need a Personal Client Number to make an order?

No. You will be given a Personal Client Number upon making your first order with Vlisco. The number will appear on the invoice which you will receive in the mail (after receipt of your payment). When you write to our Customer Service department, please indicate this number and/or your order number.

8. How can one arrange a VAT refund (companies) ?

Vlisco.com charges VAT (Value Added Tax) for deliveries within the European Union at all times. We advise you to claim a VAT refund with the tax authorities in the country in which your company is registered, if applicable.

9. Do you service in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, Nigeria bans the import of a variety of goods, including textiles. This means that we are not allowed to ship fabrics to Nigeria. We are working with the Nigerian government to get the ban lifted, but so far we have not been successful. Once we are, we will let you know via the newsletter. You can subscribe to it via subscribe.vlisco.com.

Of course you can also order online and ship it to a relative or friend outside Nigeria, who can then bring it to Nigeria during their next visit (this route is often used).

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