Stay Safe

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Stay Safe

Stay Safe

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At the beginning of the Covid 19 outbreak Vlisco stopped advertising and sent instead messages of care and safety to its customers and consumers.

One such example was a new Vlisco print, designed in Holland, with the message, Stay Safe.Consumers saw it online or in store windows and asked us if we could make it into a cloth print to buy.

We said, of course we will, but under certain clear conditions:
-Although a Vlisco print, the cloth will have to be printed in Ivory Coast as our factory in Holland is currently closed. It will not be, then, authentic ‘Dutch wax’. It it will be an African wax print. 

-The cloth will, therefore, be printed on cotton fabric available in Abidjan and the price will be cheaper than authentic ‘Dutch wax’.

-Vlisco accepts to print this design and sell it as requested but does not want to profit from the pandemic. It will use the money generated to provide goods to local hospitals to help combat the health crisis.

We wish our customers and our consumers good health and a speedy return to a better life than now.